The images in the landscape portfolio are taken as part of my university project. The idea was to capture unusual part of the cities.

I enjoy taking both taking and looking at landscape photographs, as I live in a very rural part of the UK. Because of this I feel spoilt when it comes to picturesque views.

The series in my portfolio are a collection from different projects. I like walking around towns and cities such as London and Cambridge. I enjoy comparing historic buildings with modern buildings in terms of infrastructure and style. In particular I like green spaces in cities and towns as they are cool in a spiritual sense. You get to really find yourself as a person when you are away from the hustle and bustle of it all!

The landscapes I have taken are places that mean something to me. I do visit Cambridge and London often each year and I do like spending long summer days in both places (when you get nice weather, a rarity in the UK!!).

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