The images in the landscape portfolio are taken as part of my university project. The idea was to capture unusual part of the cities.

I enjoy taking both taking and looking at landscape photographs, as I live in a very rural part of the UK. Because of this I feel spoilt when it comes to picturesque views.

The series in my portfolio are a collection from different projects. I like walking around towns and cities such as London and Cambridge. I enjoy comparing historic buildings with modern buildings in terms of infrastructure and style. In particular I like green spaces in cities and towns as they are cool in a spiritual sense. You get to really find yourself as a person when you are away from the hustle and bustle of it all!

The landscapes I have taken are places that mean something to me. I do visit Cambridge and London often each year and I do like spending long summer days in both places (when you get nice weather, a rarity in the UK!!).


I have a love for portraiture photography. For one of my university projects, I took a series of portrait photos to showcase different ranges and types of fashion.

I wanted to capture them as natural as I could. As this project took place in a public studio setting, the lighting and my studio time was fairly limited but the results did still work out brilliantly. I tried to make all the participants as relaxed as possible when they were on set. This enhanced the great photography results even further.

The people I chose were friends, house-mates and people who helped me along the way with my degree.  

Overall the project was very successful, as I achieved what I intended to do!

Photography: An Introduction

Photography can be shown in many ways. This can be through the media, social media and in public galleries as well as still images within films and book covers.

I have created this website to explore my own meaning for this particular art and also to showcase my photography work and experience. You can find out more about me personally here.

Holwell Village Website

Since January 2016, I have been involved with the photography for the Holwell Village website, designed and developed by Ben Silveston. My main role is to help out with photos taken by both myself and Ben for the different facilities within the village as well as provide editing images.

I have really enjoyed this project. For one thing, it’s not only been about photography but also properly visiting a place that has only been mentioned. At first I thought Holwell was in the middle of nowhere (I still think that now a bit to be honest). But each time I come back to Holwell, I start to appreciate that the country life can be very peaceful and the views are spectacular too.

I believe that the first stage of this project has been a real success and I hope to continue providing top-quality photography on this.

Thanks to Ben for allowing me to be part of this project. 🙂